Restorative Dentistry: Fillings

A dental filling is needed when a tooth is missing part of it’s structure, often from decay.  A filling must be placed on the missing portion of the tooth in order to restore it’s function and appearance.  Dr. Emory Young and Dr. Collyer Young are experts at placing composite fillings.

White-FillingsComposite, or white fillings have many advantages over amalgam, or silver fillings.  Since the color of composite fillings can be matched to the color of your tooth, they are much more aesthetically pleasing than silver colored fillings.  In fact, with a composite filling, you can’t even tell it’s not part of your natural tooth!  Secondly, composite fillings require less drilling than amalgam fillings.  That means that you are able to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

When getting a dental filling you can expect a few things to happen:  First, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth.  If necessary he will numb the area beforehand.  Then he will thoroughly clean and dry the area.  You may feel him squirt some water and air on your tooth.  Next he will select the shade of composite that matches your tooth color and place the filling in the hole he created.  After shaping the filling to the correct shape he will harden the filling using a special curing light.  He will then ask you to bite down on a special paper in order to see how your bite is.  This will allow him to shave down the areas of the filling that might be too high.  Once your filling is properly adjusted, you are all done!

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